The Jumbo Thread Detective®/Thread Identifier is a precise and easy-to-use thread identifier for both nuts and bolts, consisting of gliding gauges conveniently assembled onto a wire lanyard. It is especially well suited for distinguishing between similar Inch and Metric threads. Our unique Thread Identifier (aka thread checker) is available in a combination of all Metric and Inch sizes. Our Thread Detective is equipped with a 3-3/8 (85 mm) ruler for measuring stud lengths. The ruler can be printed with your company or customer's information for promotional use. For your convenience we provide extra long wire rope for those hard to reach places, as well as loops on each end for convenient hanging.

Our Jumbo Combination unit Thread Identifier contains both Metric and Inch nut and bolt sizes as below.

Inch Thread Identifiers contain nut and bolt sizes of 5/8-11, 5/8-18, ¾-10, ¾-16, 1-8, 1-12

Metric Thread Identifiers contain nut and bolt sizes of M14 X 1.5, M14 X 2.0, M16 X 1.5, M16 X 2.0, M20 X 1.5, M20 X 2.5, M24 X 2.0, M24 X 3.0

Inch and metric strands can be purchased as seperate units.

For 1-5 units please purchase through Fastenal at using their P/Ns:

Combo Unit P/N: 3344156

Inch Only P/N: 3344157

Metric Only P/N: 3344158 .

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