Adjustable clamping levers, also known as ratchet handles or adjustable handles, allow users to make adjustments on various types of equipment and machinery. Clamping Handles are used when the clamping range is limited or a specific setting is required. Adjustments can be made incrementally by tightening or loosening as required. Clamping handles have a reinforced nylon handle and black zinc steel threaded inserts. The handle can be easily disengage by lifting the handle and moving it to the desired location to achieve required clamping pressure. The handle is spring loaded so when released it will re-engage for tightening.
Unit of Measure


N/A 4.13"


N/A 2.51"


N/A 0.98 in


N/A 0.74"


N/A 1.65"


N/A 3.62"

Thread Pitch - Inch

N/A 1/2-13 3/8-16

If Male, Stud Length

N/A 1" 2" 3"