Wire Rope Lanyard assemblies are used to attach quick-release pins to a fixture or frame to prevent the pins from being misplaced while they are not in use. These lanyards are made from .047” diameter 7x7 galvanized steel wire covered in a PVC jacket bringing the outer diameter to .063”. The stainless steel provides the ultimate corrosion resistance. Additionally, they come equipped with a loop and #10 aluminum mounting tab. Tabs are designed around standard fastener sizes so they can be affixed to the mounting surface with any bolt, screw, or rivet. Tabs allow for greater flexibility of the wire rope lanyard itself, compared to stake eyes. Our standard wire rope lanyards are not for load bearing applications, although load bearing can be produced upon request.

Unit of Measure

Wire Material

N/A 7X7 Galvanized

Wire Diameter

N/A 3/64 1/16

Jacket Material


Coated Diameter

N/A 0.063

Usable Length

N/A 6" 12"

Termination "A"

N/A 1" Loop 3/4" Loop

Termination "B"

N/A #10 Tab