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Short Pull-Ring Steel Retractable Non-Locking Plungers offer a shorter plunger body for limited space applications. Short Pull-Ring Plungers are used as a fast and convenient way to adjust or remove accessories on equipment. This particular style pin provides an easy to grasp pull-ring handle for withdrawing and engaging the plunger. Short Pull-Ring Stainless Steel Non-Locking Retractable Plungers provide the added advantage of an all stainless steel design for maximum protection against rust and corrosion. This robust, durable design is suitable for repetitive-use applications. Custom sizes, materials, or finishes are available.

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Short Pull Ring Plunger Pin
Spring Plunger Installation Diagram
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1/4-20 Short Pull Ring Plungers N/A 0.50 N/A 2.00 N/A 1/4-20 N/A 0.44 in N/A 0.19 in N/A 0.16 in N/A 0.25 N/A N/A N/A 0.18 N/A 0.31 N/A 0.75
3/8-16 Short Pull Ring Plungers N/A 0.75 N/A 3.00 N/A 3/8-16 N/A 0.63 in N/A 0.28 in N/A 0.25 in N/A 0.38 N/A 0.13 N/A 0.19 N/A 0.44 N/A 0.75
1/2-13 Short Pull Ring Plungers N/A 1.00 N/A 4.00 N/A 1/2-13 N/A 0.81 in N/A 0.38 in N/A 0.31 in N/A 0.50 N/A 0.13 N/A 0.25 N/A 0.56 N/A 1.00
5/8-11 Short Pull Ring Plungers N/A 1.25 N/A 5.00 N/A 5/8-11 N/A 1.00 in N/A 0.44 in N/A 0.38 in N/A 0.62 N/A 0.13 N/A 0.31 N/A 0.69 N/A 1.00
Unit of Measure