Snap-Lock Knobs allow users to assemble their own knobs with the nut or bolt of their choice.

*Available as a Star Knob, T-Knob, Fluted, 4-Arm and 3-Arm Knob.

The knobs are molded with a hex hole of the appropriate size to accept standard hex nuts, locknuts, hex bolts, and hex cap screws. Fasteners can easily be pushed into position and snapped into the hex hole for a secure fit. This unique design is perfect for MRO, prototypes, jigs and fixtures, and unusual length fasteners. Snap-Lock Star Knobs are available in Imperial thread size matching 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" as well as Metric sizes M6, M8, and M10. Snap-Lock Knobs in the 3-Prong and T-Knobs styles are only available with a 1/4" hex. Nuts and bolts are also stock items.

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**1000 piece minimum on colored knobs.
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Item #





Hex Size / Thread Diameter

F2 Sml. Snap-Lock Fluted Knob N/A 1.38 in N/A 0.98 in N/A 0.17 in N/A 0.59 in N/A #10 M6 1/4
F4 Med. Snap-Lock Fluted Knobs N/A 1.75 in N/A 1.25 in N/A 0.28 in N/A 0.86 in N/A M8 M10 5/16 3/8
F6 Lrg. Snap-Lock Fluted Knobs N/A 2.38 in N/A 1.25 in N/A 0.62 in N/A 1.23 in N/A M12 1/2 M6 M8 M10 1/4 5/16 3/8
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