Innovative Components and its sister company Componentes Innovadores in Cartago, Costa Rica comprise one of the largest manufacturers of plastic knobs.  Our latest addition to our plastic knob line consists of control knobs, instrument knobs, and pointer knobs.  If your application requires fine, precise position adjustments, a control knob is what you need. Innovative's in house pad printing and hot stamping capabilties allows users to decorate their control knobs with lines, dots, numbers, aluminum inlays, raised lettering, and just about anything you could imagine.  Don't see the control knob you are looking for?  Contact sales today to discuss developing the knob of your choice.  800-566-2774 or
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.52" RK1 Control Knobs N/A 0.39 in N/A 0.520 in N/A 0.66 in
.71" RK2 Control Knobs N/A 0.59 in N/A 0.71 in N/A 0.66 in
.90" RK3 Control Knobs N/A 0.83 in N/A 0.900 in N/A 0.66 in
1.19" RK4 Control Knobs N/A 1.11 in N/A 1.19 in N/A 0.66 in
1.86" RK5 Control Knobs N/A 1.79 in N/A 1.86 in N/A 0.66 in
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